Reason 9: Doing what has to be done

I recently had the opportunity to be part of a discussion about women’s fiction in front of a small audience. It is not the kind of thing which comes naturally for me. A writer’s work a rather lonesome job – just you and your computer and the ideas in your head. To throw it open in front of an audience is not an easy thing for many writers, depending on your personality, of course. So I had to fight the nerves and the feelings of I might not be good enough and just do it. And I did it. Rather well, I think.
As always, I could find a parallel in Bruce’s life and work. And I could learn from him. In my opinion he is first a thinker and a writer, then a showman. But my feeling is that interviews are not that easy for him. Of course through the years he had the opportunity to hone this craft, like he has done with all his talents. And got it down to a fine art, like all the other things. But I think that little nervous laugh still gives him away. And he although he can speak so eloquently about his songs, I think it still is not easy for him. But he does it, and he does it as well as he can, because it is part of the job. (As most recently can be heard on the documentary The making of Darkness on the edge of town from The promise box set.) I am also quite sure that it will be much more difficult for him without the ever-present guitar in his lap … Or maybe after all these years there are very few things which do not feel strange without a guitar in his arms!
Thanks for another lesson, Bruce!

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