Reason 10: A man who looks after himself

Yes, we all know he is a very good-looking man. He surely has come a long way since that scrawny kid with too much facial hair and that terrible woollen cap started to do his thing. And of course he knows that appearances are important in show business. And to be honest, in the few seaside photos that I have seen, the muscles and the tan and the chain are a little bit too much for me. I tell myself these things just to make sure I am being objective here. Or as near to objective as possible.
Fact is that it still seems uncool to most men to look after their appearance and their health. Women seem to age much better and it is not only because they are generally tougher. :) It is also because they tend to look after themselves. But men still seem to think it is OK to work so hard that there is no time for yourself and to just ignore the signs of age or bad health. Which of course often leads to a family loosing their man far too early.
It is also not unknown for a man to be quite proud of his protruding tummy and make fond jokes of it. And they are the same ones who want their wives as thin as reeds.
To see a man in his sixties who are as fit and apparently healthy as Bruce, is a rare thing. Maybe he is lucky. Maybe it is just good genes. But I am quite sure a great deal of hard work is also involved.
I wish more men would follow his example. We women are not blind, you know. We can also appreciate a well-kept man. And feel we have the right to.

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