Reason 6: A song for every emotion

In a previous post I wondered if Bruce has an idea how much his work means emotionally to so many people. Yes, I know there have been numerous programs and books about it, but still, does he understand? CAN he understand, not being a fan, but being the man himself? His work just resonates with so many emotions.
It ranges from the youthful playfullness of Out in the Street, through the anguish of the Darkness album, the beautiful love songs on the new The Promise, the hope and determination to make a better life in Badlands and The promised land, the celebration of Better days. And many shades between.
In my opinion this is also the reason why he has so many thousands of fans outside America. Although at first glance it may seem his songs are all about American life, one only has to look a little bit deeper to realize that most songs are relevant to all people everywhere.
Yes, we may be so very different – but basically I believe all people are just the same inside. We all have the same basic needs, dreams and fears. And that is why Bruce has reached so many people for so many years – because his work speaks to this common ground between people.

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