What Bruce means to me

Since July 2009 several things have come together in my life. As a writer I have been more productive than ever before and I am slowly gaining recognition. (I write in my home language, not in English). While several other things also have an influence, Bruce and his work have become a powerful force in my working and personal life. My friends and family hardly know anything about him (except for Born in the USA!), so I really need somebody to talk to about this joy in my life.
I hope my thoughts make sense to you. And I would love to hear from you.

10 thoughts on “What Bruce means to me

  1. Hi there. You commented on my blog and here I am checking out your great blog. It’s fab. Your blog roll is huge. So much more for me to check out there. Great to see that you are a writer. I am trying to write a novel on the back of good feedback about my writing style on the blog. A book is so different, though and much more of a challenge. Writing about Bruce is no hardship. A book is proving more difficult!

    • Great to see you here! Yes, writing is hard – but also very rewarding! I was 48 when I started writing really seriously – so I am sure you have some time before you!
      Concerning my huge blogroll: Those are just some (yes!!) of the links I have gathered during the 18 months I have been studying Bruce’s work, before I started blogging and before I learned how to create a blogroll. I have just bookmarked them and now it is quite easy just to transfer them to the blogroll. Still more coming!

  2. Please check out my Indiegogo site and some of the essays on Bruce’s songs. I think you will really dig the book. I am asking people to just share/link/like it so that it can find its audience.

    Jim Mercurio

  3. Hello there 🙂 I just found your blog this morning and like it a lot. I do an interview series every Wednesday, Springsteen turns up in each one (it’s a mystery!). I decided to start linking Bruce blogs to the interviews and yours is the first. Here’s the link 🙂 http://wp.me/p3dH5b-el

  4. I feel the same like you. No one in my family and friends dont know Bruce , his great songs and talent.
    Buut for me his music is something like teraphy, i feel sooo good while im listening ❤ because of him i bought gramophone and old Bruce's vinyls .

    Hope you understand me 🙂 …

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