Climate change: Post 3 – Proof of anthropogenic climate change

From guest blogger Schalk Cloete:

Sorry, my researcher instincts demand at least one boring proof-post in this series.

Here goes: The world emits 30 billion tonnes of CO2 yearly, amounting to about 15300 km3 in volume. At roughly 10 km thickness, the atmospheric volume is 5.11 billion km3. Dividing these two numbers reveals that humans raise the CO2 concentration by roughly 2.99 ppm yearly. Actual measured Continue reading

Climate change: Post 2 – Denial

What? Human induced global warming can trigger a global cataclysm in our lifetime!? Dude… you smoking something?

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Well, the short video attached is from a highly reputable source and contains some sound science. Notice the number of dislikes and the number of linked videos claiming global warming as a hoax. The cause: the USA – world leaders in per capita pollution and famous for rampant materialism and Continue reading

To listen or not to listen

Although I am only a few years younger than Bruce, this is my first experience of the release of a Springsteen album. And yes, that is really sad … 🙂 I honestly think my life would have been better if I had been on board since the early years. Not that I had a bad life, not at all. But with all this positive energy, all this passion … could have moved mountains! 🙂
So tonight (after a long day without internet access) it’s time to search for the first released song as promised on Backstreets. And of Continue reading

Book: Darkness on the edge

The second book about Springsteen that I read on Kindle, is Darkness on the edge: Tales inspired by the songs of Bruce Springsteen, edited (2008) by Harrison Howe.

The idea to have short stories written on the base of Springsteen songs is of course brilliant. And very logical, seeing that most of his songs are just perfect little short stories with (often) a great beat. And those who do not tell a story, usually paint such a clear picture that Continue reading