A lifelong campaign to see The Boss live

In my country the idea of huge live music shows in stadiums is only just settling in with recent visits by the likes of U2, Neil Diamond and Roxette. For a middle-aged (hate that word!) woman it is fairly weird to have a desire to attend something like that, unless it is somebody like Neil, who was on his height of popularity when you were young. I am also aware of the fact that Bruce will most Continue reading

Where it all started for me …

On an ordinary winter’s day in 2009 my life started to change. A small shift of destiny took place.
No, nothing spectacular like a man with a diamond or a huge writing contract or instant beauty or eternal slimness (is there such a word?). Just a beautiful, unassuming little song on local radio. It caught my attention, I did not catch the title, nor the name of the artist. And promptly forgot about it.
A day or two later I heard it again. This time I made sure to catch the title and the artist’s name. Tomorrow never knows by Bruce Springsteen. And the rest, as they say, is history. Nothing has been the same again for me since then.
Surely it is a strange choice. But I did not choose it. The song chose me. Yes, I agree it is not one of his great, epic songs. Nor his greatest love song. It is just … well, beautiful. Wistful, pure, simple. Beautiful.
I don’t know what really caught me about the song. Maybe the title – even my computer changed it to Tomorrow never comes.
Where the cold wind blows
Tomorrow never knows
Where your sweet smile goes
Tomorrow never knows
Maybe just the feeling of not knowing what tomorrow will bring, but trying to make the most of the moment, trying to catch the essence of the now. Maybe the knowledge that the sweetness of a smile can Continue reading

Saying good-bye – but NOT farewell!

The Promise - Premiere - Inside: The 5th International Rome Film FestivalThis blog is about two and a half years old now. During these years it has become a part of my life, like Bruce has become a part of my life. The best way to put it is to say that his music fills every empty moment of my life with positive energy. That pretty much sums it up.

I have, however, come to the point where the urge to talk and write about Bruce is not so unbearably strong any more. Not because I have grown tired of his work, but maybe the honeymoon stage is over now. 🙂 As we all know, true love does (hopefully) not stop after the honeymoon, but continues in a calmer and more mature way. This might be where I am now. I’m not trying to convert those around me anymore. I do not listen to only Springsteen music anymore. I can actually talk about other things, too.

But no, I will not leave him behind. He has done too much for me. And will continue doing just that.

For the foreseeable future I will repost from this blog for those who were not with me for the entire ride. Hope you enjoy, as I will enjoy looking back.

Below is the first post for this blog on 18 Oct. 2010. (The photo is a new one, however). I am glad to say that everything is still the same. There has of course been some bad days, but the promised land is always right around the next Continue reading