Mistakes can be good, too

Many hard-core fans seem to feel that Bruce made a terrible mistake when he left the E Street Band (or rather let it cease to exist) en worked with what has become known as the Other Band. And more than that – I get the idea fans felt deserted at the time and have not really forgiven him.  Of course it is easy for me to say – I was not there! I was living my life oblivious of everything going on on E Street and beyond. Such a loss.
Personally I love both Lucky Town and Human Touch. Sure, it is different from his work with the ESB. But it has its place in the bigger picture. Real World specifically has become one of the most important songs to me.
To me it seems as if that mistake was a very necessary one. Of course it shows Bruce as the kind of artist that just keeps on Continue reading

Two hours of Bruce on an empty stomach

It is 03:55 on a hot and sticky summer night in SA, a world away from New Jersey where Julian Garcia has driven himself to work through everything wet and cold nature has to offer. I drag myself out of bed to switch on the computer. I am tired, did not get to bed early at all. On the bedside table my book and pencil are waiting, because experience has taught me if I dosed off somewhere during Groove it all night on Homegrown Radio NJ, I do not remember anything that was played before the snooze. But this morning I briefly consider Continue reading

Human Touch: Real world

At the moment I am constantly listening to this song. Bruce has succeeded to marry a wonderful melody to lyrics that grabs me by the … OK, I’m a girl … lyrics that means a lot to me. It was all wrong now I’m moving on … How is it possible to convey the same basic message about getting out of a bad situation into a better one in so many new, fresh ways? And keep millions (I’m sure it is not merely thousands) of people listening? … Now I’m heading over the rise … I’m searching for one clear moment of love and truth … Now I have the answer. It’s because the theme is not only relevant to blue-collar workers in America, it is relevant to everybody everywere. And that is why we have kept on listening.
Well tonight I just wanna shout
I feel my soul waist deep and sinkin’
Into this black river of doubt
I just wanna rise and walk along the riverside …
Here is a beautiful acoustic version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_PxWw_g_pE
And one with the other band:

My work as writer of romantic fiction deals with a related issue. How to convey the basic story of boy meeting girl (and boy getting stupid, according to House) in ever fresh ways? I did not start out doing it deliberately, but in every story my heroine does not merely meet a wonderful man and then he solves all her problems. (As we know a man cannot do, however hard he may try, however wonderful he may be!), but she grows in herself and becomes a stronger person. I have actually had my first real press review and the writer has noted that, which is a wonderful inspiration to me.

Human Touch

I aquired Human Touch and Lucky Town on a recent trip to Norway. Have never seen them in one of our shops. I am aware that they do not rate that high under Springsteen lovers. Or am I wrong here? Possibly because he was not working with the E Street Band at that stage. It is also interesting to me that he seems to have acquired a completely new image then, with more emphasis on appearace, hence the naked breast and more distinct outfits. Although he has always been extremely good to look at, the image does not work for me. To me the real Bruce is the one with a plain jean and shirt and hair going wayward. He is not about looks. He is about many, many other things. Passion, hard word, integrity, energy … Allright, I’l stop now.