Is this the end?

A fellow blogger has made a very clear case for his prediction that even if Clarence recovers from his stroke (as all of us are surely praying), he will most probably not be able to take his place on stage again.  (For the life of me I cannot find the link again!) He then went further and explained that while it will be possible for Bruce to hire another sax player and continue with a tour, it will never be the same without the Big Man. Thus I must face the fact that most probably Clarence’s illness will mean the Continue reading

Saying good-bye with Live in NYC

On the day after my sister’s death the notification landed in my post-box – my Live in NYC DVD had arrived. I stopped everything I had been doing and rushed to the post-office. When I got home I closed all the windows, put the volume on high and got on my exercise bicycle. An hour later I was ready to face the day.
Yes, I know Bruce Springsteen is only human. He does not really Continue reading

Why I admire Bruce Springsteen (7): The power of friendship

The amazing long-term relationship of Bruce Springsteen with the members of the E-Street Band is one of the things I really admire. I have not read anything nasty, degrading or plain negative that one of them has said about Bruce or any of the other E-streeters. On the wonderful recreation of Darkness on the edge of town in the old theatre it struck me again: The solid wall of support they form behind him, with Clarence and Stevie like two pillars of strength by his sides. And that makes me think of his moving eulogy for Danny Federici: every night at 8p.m. we walk out on stage together and that, my friends, is a place where miracles occur … old and new miracles. And those you are Continue reading