Real world

At the moment I am constantly listening to this song. Bruce has succeeded to marry a wonderful melody to lyrics that grabs me by the … OK, I’m a girl … lyrics that means a lot to me. It was all wrong now I’m moving on … How is it possible to convey the same basic message about getting out of a bad situation into a better one in so many new, fresh ways? And keep millions (I’m sure it is not merely thousands) of people listening? … Now I’m heading over the rise … I’m searching for one clear moment of love and truth … Now I have the answer. It’s because the theme is not only relevant to blue-collar workers in America, it is relevant to everybody everywere. And that is why we have kept on listening.
Well tonight I just wanna shout
I feel my soul waist deep and sinkin’
Into this black river of doubt
I just wanna rise and walk along the riverside …
Here is a beautiful acoustic version:
And one with the other band:

My work as writer of romantic fiction deals with a related issue. How to convey the basic story of boy meeting girl (and boy getting stupid, according to House) in ever fresh ways? I did not start out doing it deliberately, but in every story my heroine does not merely meet a wonderful man and then he solves all her problems. (As we know a man cannot do, however hard he may try, however wonderful he may be!), but she grows in herself and becomes a stronger person. I have actually had my first real press review and the writer has noted that, which is a wonderful inspiration to me.

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