I recently was lucky enough to visit a Springsteen-loving country and acquire an armfull of treasures, of which Darkness was one. And yes – just in time for the release of The Promise!
Previously I have only known Badlands, The Promised Land and Darkness on the edge of town (yes, I am a novice, but I am studying hard!). The first two I learned to love from the Barcelona DVD and the second was one of the first songs I got to know through YouTube.
But the little jewel that took me by surprise is Factory. So poignant, so deceptively simple. A brilliant example of only af few words used to paint a picture so clear, you just cannot forget it. Early in the morning factory whistle blows, man rises from bed and puts on his clothes … Can you see him? Can you sense the troubled mind of the boy who is watching him? Through the mansions of fear, through the mansions of pain, I see my daddy walking through the factory gates in the rain …
But you do not only see Mr Springsteen Snr walking through the rain, you see millions of workers all over the world walking through all types of weather to all types of unfulfilling, dead end jobs which makes our lives better and more comfortable.

Thank you, Bruce!

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