Reasons I admire Bruce Springsteen (4): A well-rounded person

Onlangs beautifulThis short post was written about three years ago. In the meantime I have learned a lot about Bruce. And I still feel the same. He seems to be a devoted husband and dad, conscious of his health, good at keeping long-term friendships, respected as rock’s decent guy, always attentive at interviews, always ready for some fun. What really earned my respect, was when I read how he tackled his out of control life after the BITUSA hype and worked hard to create a more balanced life.

Original post: During the last year Springteen’s influence seeped into nearly all aspects of my life. And all of it is positive. I read and listen to his lyrics for inspiration for my own writing, his music fills the times when I am alone/bored/down with power and energy, my daily walk has become better with his music in my ears, I have even started working out on some Springsteen DVD’s. Does that sound crazy? Obsessive? My family seems to think so, but I honestly don’t agree. I think it is just because there are so many facets to his work that his influence stretches so wide into people’s lives. (If you start reading on the internet, it quickly becomes clear that there are many, many people all over the world who experience this influence on their lives.) He is not a shallow character – like many so-called celebrities – who can do only one thing really well and that is it. He seems to be a rounded personality who really tries to live his whole life in balance and integrity. Yes, surely he must have a little weak point somewhere – but who cares? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Reasons I admire Bruce Springsteen (4): A well-rounded person

  1. I’ve been down in my life lately – tough stuff I’m having to deal with – I bought bruce’s greatest hits, I love his music – born in the usa wow but what really got me tonight was secret garden 🙂 i’d heard it before but it surprised me tonight I played it over and over – the guy is a gentlemen & in my opinion one of the best musicians of all time – from that I’ve seen he is a rounded individual with a real understanding of how hard life can be – if I ever had a chance to meet him i’d shake his hand – real music from a hard working guy who’s lived life at the sharp end – if only our peers had his standing – sorry little drunk as I right but that I write is from the heart 🙂

    • Mikey, drunk or sober, I cannot agree with you more on each and every point. Bruce has become a huge positive force in my life. He is a real ordinary man with extraordinary talent, love, passion, energy, commitment, etc. And a hard, hard worker who do not let age bother him.

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