Reasons I admire Bruce Springsteen (3): Unique combination of music and lyrics

Vooroor by fans in pitI am constantly amazed at Bruce’s talent to marry the depth and scope of his lyrics to the wonderful tunes that make them accessible to thousands (millions?!) of people. Three of the best examples (in my opinion) are Badlands, The promised land, Dancing in the dark and Better days. All of them songs with a profound meaning, but also a whole stadium of people can dance on that music.

I have once read somebody describing one of the shows as bipolar. This person found the distance between the often sad lyrics and the exuberant music too much. Personally I have often wondered how Bruce himself can handle it. Maybe the answer lies in the question: He can handle the sadness in the lyrics through the joy of the music.

Of course there are many songs where the music is just as sad as the lyrics. I often find these difficult to handle. The whole of the Nebraska album is certainly the best example, with Tom Joad not far behind. I admire those fans who can really enjoy these songs. I certainly need the music to lift me up.

2 thoughts on “Reasons I admire Bruce Springsteen (3): Unique combination of music and lyrics

  1. I have always said that Nebraska is one of my favorite albums because of the rawness of it. It’s raw in lyrics & music as well as his voice. I think that’s the best thing about the Nebraska album – his voice. His voice has always been one to sooth away the stress, the pain, the sadness – his voice alone. His voice makes me feel ‘all better now’. It doesn’t matter what he is singing. So that is why when I am very sad I will grab the Nebraska CD just to listen to his voice. And then everything is right in the world once again. It may seem like a contradiction, but as you point out, it’s how he writes & what he is about really.

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