Happy birthday!

IMG_0021My message on what may or may not be the real Bruce fb profile – and the answer (Yes, I nearly fainted! 🙂 🙂 )

Dearest Bruce, this is a photo of me before my first show (last year in Sunderland). I think it shows a little bit of the joy you have brought into my life. (I also travelled the distance from South Africa for the show, and I am not a natural traveller.) You taught me to dream and to work for those dreams. You taught me not to be daunted by age (I am a few years younger than you and very much afraid of growing old and feeble.) You confirmed to me how important clean living and working out are. You also confirmed to me that it is worth working very hard on the upbringing of your children. 
For these things and many more I can never thank you enough. For this new year I wish you everything you bring so generously to all your fans: Not only music, but also joy, friendship, tears, laughter, endurance and lots and lots of just plain old fun. Yes, it is only rock and roll, but sometimes it feels a lot like love. 
May this new year bring you buckets full of the best things in life and may you enjoy many, many more years with your lovely family. Lots of the best kind of greetings from Alta Cloete in South Africa.

Springsteen Bruce wow this is nice..thank you!!