Bruce on Bruce

Springsteen on SpringsteenI am reading this book of interviews slowly, savouring every moment. Through his own words, Bruce comes forward as the human being we know him to be. Just a kid from an insignificant town doing what he does best. And trying to be useful while enjoying himself.

Just a few random picks to wet your appetite:

From the early years:

… overlooked aspect of Bruce’s many talents is his ability to express his hopes, dreams and dedication so eloquently in interviews and speeches.

… he is often as articulate and provocative in interviews and speeches as he is emotive onstage and in records.

“I don’t just grind (interviews) out … I think the main thing is the quality.”

Springsteen has little small talk.

… signs of having had some considerable thought expended on them.

… he was running on fumes and instinct, the way the best rock and roll always does.

“I was really terrible at everything else.”

“All I want to do is write some good songs. It’s my trade, you know? It’s how I get my satisfaction.”

“… that’s all I did because that’s all I had. That’s all there was to do, to live for.”

“Anything other than music was always a dead end for me.”

“This is it for me, you know. I got no choice. I have to write and play.”

And from the 1990’s:

“I wasn’t fundamentally interested in having a big hit right away. I was into writing music that was going to thread its way into people’s lives. I was interested in becoming a part of people’s lives, and having some usefulness …:

“I was just getting my life together … You want to set down some roots and let the kids get past that little ‘sprout’ stage and so we stayed home a lot and I concentrated on getting that part of my life together.”

“I’ve worked a long time on my music, and now I’ve been working on my own everyday real life as much and things are very good right now.”

Enough for now …

2 thoughts on “Bruce on Bruce

  1. Many thanks for your comments about my book. Glad you’re enjoying it! More info on that book, my next book (on Leonard Cohen) and other music writing is on my website,
    Hope you’ll stop by!–Jeff Burger

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