Countdown Kid # 96: Livin’ in the future

The E Street Band reunited for The Rising in 2002, but I would argue that the classic E Street Band sound didn’t return until 5 years later with this track off Magic. The groove is lifted straight from “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out,” with Clarence’s burly sax still blowing Bruce down the street just as it did 30 years earlier. 

The lyrics are a study in denial. Even with all of the walls of his life crumbling down upon him, the narrator tricks himself into believing everything is fine in the chorus with his own little imaginary time machine: “We’re livin’ in the future and none of this has happened yet.”

Even the band is in on the ruse, negating the dire lyrics with a good-time assault that even features some happy-go-lucky “sha-na-nas” at the end. Only Danny Federici’s organ solo lets some anguish Continue reading

Always the man!

No, I am not American and the election does not affect me directly.

Indirectly it will probably affect everybody.

I was also very far removed from the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

But my love and admiration for Mr Springsteen has grown via these two issues.

I just love his connection to his roots, his loyalty to where he comes from, the way he has a positive impact wherever he goes.

He may not be the Continue reading