A new dream!

I am happy to report that Bruce’s name has been mentioned by the top promotor of shows in SA as one of the possibilities of the future.

I also know this as a very thin branch – but I have grasped it with enthusiasm and good faith.

Most shows in the recent past have been in Johannesburg and Cape Town – the first being the home of my friend who travelled with me to Sunderland and Manchester, the second being about ‘n hour’s drive from my home.

As always, dreaming about a Springsteen show has filled my with joy and a feeling of being young and full of life.

PS. Thanks to the unknown artist for the wonderful sketch!

19 thoughts on “A new dream!

  1. Hi Alta,

    Svana from RSA/ Black Dog Films in London here (www.rsafilms.com) We’re making an official fan film about Bruce and would love to talk to you- can you drop me an email and I’ll explain more! Great writing- keep up the good work! Best wishes, Svana Gisla (Head of Black Dog Films @ RSA

  2. A local Radio Station in the Western Cape has already confirmed that Mr Springsteen will do 2 shows in South Africa in 2013 – Cape Town & Johannesburg. The dates still needs to be confirmed.This was mentioned a couple times already with allot of Bruce’s songs being played on the radio. I think one of the DJ’s has connections with Big Concerts. Now if this is true, I might go a bit crazy. I must admit, I’m obsessed with Bruce Springsteen. No one comes close to Bruce when it comes to live shows.

    • When I heard the first rumour, I did not sleep much that night.
      You have just guaranteed me a rather sleepless weekend!

  3. Thanks for flying this flag in sa alta. I thought I was the only one in sa listening to Bruce on a very regular basis. His music has featured in my life since 1985. A Cape show would be incredible. Good blog. See you in the pit. Raise our hands and watch the man surf.

    • Great to meet another SA fan! We seem to be more than I have thought. Bruce and his music are a great positive force in my life and bring me a lot of joy.

  4. http://www.xpressmag.com.au/index.php/news/news/5243-bruce-springsteen

    “I was well aware that he hadn’t been to Perth and he hadn’t been to Adelaide,” Gudinski says. “We were originally going to do a lot more dates. He was going to go to South Africa after Australia. He’s been touring pretty solid for a while and I think a lot of the stuff he’s done with Obama and the whole Hurricane Sandy business… we’re lucky to have the East Coast dates. He’s cancelled Japan, South East Asia and South Africa and it just became purely impossible.

  5. There are really two windows for SA dates. One in April bertween the Oz and European dates. Its only 4 weeks long and short notice by now and one August/September/October around the Rio date (Sept 15th). Based on the comments above by Gudinski, SA has been on the cards at some point. Now seems less likely. I guess need to catch a show somewhere along the beaten path.

    • Frank, you have just broken my heart. 🙂 But I perfectly understand the reasoning. And I worry about Bruce’s health!

      • Well the promotor in Oz only seems to talk about April. Perhaps later in the year :). The calender features about 1 concert or so per week (with some exceptions). I am sure that Bruce and entourage know how to undwind. I just wonder how such a large band keeps up and puts up with that amount of touring. I have been to many shows that dont even hit the 1.5 hour mark.

  6. I’ve had enough of all these rumours. I bought 2 tickets for the show in Nijmegen, Netherlands for 22 June 2013. I just have to see a Bruce Springsteen show before he retires (which I doubt). Maybe if we’re lucky, he might visit our beautiful country later next year.

    • Yes, it is really draining to go through all those emotions again and again.
      Glad you are going – it really is the experience everybody say it is.
      Due to various factors I will not be able to make it. Really sad.

      • Looks like they use the January-February window to ship the show to Australia, than use April to transfer to Europe, than use August to ship to Rio. Not sure where there is room for us down here. I am off to Wembley. Better venue than Hyde Park. I still live in hope for SA show. But the rumours have died down it seems.Perhaps later in the year after Rio. Everybody else out there seems to have made use our new stadiums. If you can get a ticket to see Bruce and the Band out there, go. They still had seats in Mexico 😦

  7. How come we dont get to even see the movie documentary “Springsteen and I” in South Africa ? The movie website briefly listed SA in the scroll down menu which than vanished. How come we are not on the radar ? Was looking forward to mingle, meet and chat with fans in local cinemas at least. Now that has been taken too. Its also not on the list at Cinema Nouveau for the rest of the year. Are we really reduced to a DVD release by Xmas or something ? What do promotors know that we don’t ?

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