Happy birthday, Bruce!

What a privilege to be 63 and to be able to party till the morning hours with thousands of friends enjoying it with you!

But to earn such a party, you must be a pretty special person.

You must have unlimited passion for what you do.

You must absolutely believe in what you do.

You must really love people with all their strengths and weaknesses.

You must be able to turn great personal loss into inner and professional growth.

You must be fitter that the average twenty five year old.

You must not have a single lazy hair on your head. 

You must refuse to grow old.

For that matter, you must refuse to grow up. 

Thank you for being all these things and so many more, Bruce!

Happy birthday!

Thank you to facebook friend Hilde Vandebroek and all the others whose names I don’t have for the wonderful birthday images. 

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Bruce!

  1. Am loving your blog and thrilled that I have discovered it! I feel the same about Bruce Springsteen – http://puddlejumpcoaching.com/?p=783. I will make my way through your posts and look forward to reading them. As I write, I am listening to Springsteen’s version of Dylan’s “I Want You” on youtube – and loving it. I hope that you get to see him as many times as you can. I am going to be seeing him for the sixth time in October. And I know exactly what you mean by the retirement money. I am frugal (I think) with most things in my life, but when it comes to Bruce Springsteen, that is where the money (or the debt) goes. He is a huge value in my life, and I feel so blessed that I get to see him one more time.

    • Hallo Tonya! Great to meet you here!
      As I type, I am listening to the tracker of the show which had to be delayed on account of the weather. It must be round 1:30am in NJ now – and their is no sign of the stopping. I just can’t get over this man’s passion, commitment and energy. What an inspiration!

      • Great to connect with you! I was getting those tweets as well – it sounds like when the show DID start, it was definitely one for the books. How wonderful to be able to dance with your mom on your 63rd birthday. Thanks indeed to Mr. and Mrs. Springsteen – and especially for getting that first ever guitar. How he has changed the world – both one life at a time and the world as a whole!

    • I often wonder if he and his dad understood each other better by the time Mr Springsteen Snr died. I really do hope so. And Adele must surely delight in his success and his obvious adoration of her.

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