Can’t stop dreaming!

Yes, I have tentatively decided to be there when and if Bruce tours again.

That was a good start after torturing myself for some time with the idea that I should stop right here. I have seen him twice and that should be enough.

Well, of course it was not enough.

So here it is, black on white: If and when he tours again, I will try to attend some shows again. Preferably more than two. Hopefully in Scandinavia. If my son is still there then.

And the dear friend who shared the experience with me, is on board, too.

And so the cycle begins again: doubt, fear, excitement, planning, fear, doubt, organizing, agonizing about money ,,, And hopefully it will also end with some unforgettable experiences.

I am quite sure I am not alone, though. There must be thousands of us going through this right now. What a wonderful feeling to be part of this community!

4 thoughts on “Can’t stop dreaming!

  1. haha I COMPLETELY get it! I’ve always said…I don’t know what’s worse – when Bruce doesn’t tour or when he does! 😉

  2. Saw him in London this year. Looks as if the tour is being extended into next year with some interesting places that he’s never been before …..

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