No surrender? Not always a good idea …

As I am listening to the tracker from Gothenburg, Sweden, I can gladly announce that I have surrendered … 🙂

For a painful month I have tried to persuade myself that I have seen two Springsteen shows in my life, that it was a great, great blessing – and that it was enough.

It was a terrible month. (I must add that other factors attributed to my misery, too.)

Yes, I am still a responsible person who will not squander my retirement money by following Bruce Springsteen around for the rest of his (or my) life. But I can try to earn some extra money. I can start saving immediately.

The part of my trip in England that I hated was the travelling. In SA we go by car to wherever  we want to go. A reliable public transport system does not exist here. The result is congested roads and a terrible accident rate. But mostly you get where you want to be. Alive. Mostly.

I hated it so much that I did not want to repeat it. (Without my wonderful friend who knows the ropes, I would probably  still have been wandering around England).

It took me a month to realize I will probably survive it a second time. And it will be worth it.

So: If and when he tours again, I hope to make it again. One show, two … who knows? England again, where my friend’s daughter lives? Norway, where my son lives?

I don’t know.

But I know the dream is alive again.

And it feels GOOD.

3 thoughts on “No surrender? Not always a good idea …

  1. My first show was in Sept of 1978. He played the newly rewritten Point Blank. I sat back with my pretty blue eyes and cried. My last one was in August 2012; I have seen him in MA, CT, FL, OH and know I sit hoping to see him in NY on 12/12/12. Monday is so far away and I am as broke as a joke and really can’t afford to go at all…..but,…How can I not if a ticket is available, right?

    I just found your posts and i enjoy your format. I have found that Bruce and Thoreau bring out all my creative juices too!

    • Great to hear from you! I envy you guys who have known Bruce and his work for so many years – but on the other hand I am just thankful that I found him eventually. He bring such joy into my life. And yes, he is an inspiration for any creative person. Greetings from South Africa!

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