A knee-jerk reaction

The dictionary describes the term a knee-jerk reaction as a very predictable reaction, without thinking.

In some way this was true for my reaction when I stumbled upon the tracker for the Springsteen show in Oslo a few days ago. Except that my reaction was not predictable in any way. But without thinking it certainly was.

Or maybe it was predictable. Maybe it was just me who did not understand it at that moment. Maybe it is the standard, normal reaction when any Springsteen fan suddenly and unexpectedly finds himself in a show.

Because that is what it felt like – landing in the crowd with no preparation at all.

I do not know how tracking works, but to me it gave the clear feeling of being there, among the fans enjoying the experience.

What I did? I yelled, so that my husband came running from another room. (He quickly retreated. He is not a fan, but bless his heart, he does a great job of trying to understand and accept my fascination with Bruce and his work.)

And then I cried.


I don’t really know. Maybe pure joy at coming so close to experiencing a show again. Maybe as a result of the miserable month which has followed my two shows in June, when severe withdrawal symptoms have shocked and disorientated me.

But the joy kicked in soon. It was like a an unexpected and very beautiful present, something that showed me my experience of my two shows was no mirage. It can really happen. That music and those lyrics can really transport you to a higher place, can really bring you joy which is difficult to find in ordinary life.

I can only send out a huge thank you to the unknown person who made that recording and posted it on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/rare-springsteen

And u huge thank you to Bruce. As always.

2 thoughts on “A knee-jerk reaction

    • Yvette, it is not always online. Not exactly sure how it works yet – I’m working on trial and error!

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