Manchester – 22 June 2012

  1. To my surprise I found Manchester a lovely city. If we only had more time …
  2. It often rains in Manchester. As in all the places I have been on this tour.
  3. The special buses to the stadium were wonderful – once we had found them.
  4. Rain driven by wind is even wetter than rain falling straight down.
  5. Ethiad Stadium is large and imposing and quite beautiful. Even if you are no football fan.
  6. What was called the box office in Sunderland, was here called something else. (Can’t remember – but we found it in the end.)
  7. You only feel it’s real when you have that ticket in your hand.
  8. No, I don’t know what I will do with four guitar pics with Bruce pictures. Maybe store with the family jewels? 🙂
  9. And there I forgot to buy a Springsteen onesie to tease my children with.
  10. Going to the toilet in public places is not for the tender-hearted. (My travel companion can be contacted for hints.)
  11. It is wonderful to walk to your reserved seats and … well, sit down.
  12. From up there things look very quiet and organized down in the pit.
  13. From there you can also see how very small that part of the crowd is.
  14. And you are really thankful that you survived (without Bruce having to come running with his water bottle).
  15. And you are thankful for the hint from a fb friend that brought you to the pit. Plus some old- fashioned obstinacy.
  16. You feel very experienced when you watch the preparations on stage from up here. (Last night you had to work on keeping your cool when those guys went up the rope ladders.)
  17. It is early too good to be true when the rain stops for this show, too.
  18. Happy when the show starts only a few minutes late again. Very conscious of how many things must fall in place before they can start. Not only Bruce who must take his guitar and come out, like some people seem to think.
  19. It doesn’t help much when you try to bet on the opening song and your bet is the same.
  20. So everybody is right and everbody is happy. (Badlands!)
  21. Song number 2 was the first of many changes in the programme, most of which feel like they are specially for me. (No surrender).

To be continued.

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