Sunderland – 21 June 2012

  1. Dreams can really come true.
  2. Reality can be even better than the dream.
  3. I could look forward to the shows like a child, something that I have lost long ago. And I was not disappointed.
  4. Bruce Springsteen gives his all for his audiences. Every time.
  5. I can handle a day of fourteen hours.
  6. Also when eleven of those are spent on my feet.
  7. Two small sherries just before noon can help some. 🙂
  8. I have always believed I cannot stand for some time.
  9. Now I know I can. If I have the right reason.
  10. Also for six hours in the rain.
  11. Also for between five and six hours squashed between strangers in the pit.
  12. Stand can also mean dance, for someone who carries a heavy load of inhibitions through life.
  13. One can dance within the space of your own body and your handbag.
  14. When everybody around you are doing the same.
  15. Bruce Springsteen is up close impossibly beautiful. (And yes, a man can be beautiful. Also when he is 62 and stripping on a piano in front of about 50 000 people.)
  16. No, he did not look into my eyes and made deep, personal contact.
  17. No, I could not touch him.
  18. But it was damn near.
  19. Maybe that would have been just too much.
  20. I will never, ever forget the six and a half hours of my life that I have spent under the full force of the music and the man.

4 thoughts on “Sunderland – 21 June 2012

    • Darem vir die twee shows saam, hoor! Hy speel nooit korter as drie uur nie (geen vooraf acts) en het ‘n week of twee gelede in Madrid 3 uur en 48 minute gedoen. Die amazing ding is natuurlik sy ouderdom. Ek weet werklik nie hoe hy dit volhou nie. (Is nou alreeds drie en ‘n half maande op die pad teen so net onder drie sulke shows per week.)

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