Looking back: Where it all started for me …

This post was written about two years ago. Nothing has changed since then. Except my growing respect for the man.  And my continuous gratitude for what he is doing for me.

I have alwyas had a pretty nice life, full of good things and fun. I have a beautiful family, I live in one of the safest places in my troubled country. But for the last twenty of more years I have struggled with depression. There were many good times, but the darkness was always hovering on the edge of town. And often it invaded the town, it ruined its buildings, it hurt its citizens.
Recently a few things came together in my head. I did a course in life coaching, which gave me wonderful skills to promote positive changes in my life. I did a depression course where I learned spesific tecniques to handle the blackness and crawl out into the sun again.
But the most important thing that happened was that I discovered the work and life of Bruce Springsteen. In my country he is virtually unknown. If people know him, they only know about Born in the USA. His music is hardly ever heard on the radio station that I listen to. But one day in July 2009 a beautiful little song was played that caught my attention, reached something inside of me. I did not catch the name of the singer or the song. I think I totally forgot about it. And then, a few days later, I heard it again. This time I made sure of the singer and the song: Bruce Springsteen and Tomorrow never knows.
I had just recently aquired internet access and started discovering the delights of YouTube. So I typed in the name of the song – and a whole new world openend up for me.
Since then I have not looked back. These are indeed better days for me. I am fascinated by this man, filled with a sense of wonder and admiration at his work and the way he leads his life. I am constantly discovering new songs, new aspects of his creativity. I admire his passion, his energy, his apparent integrity. I fill every empty moment of my days with his music. It is in my head where in the past there had often been negative thoughts and worry and a vague, aching hunger.
With Bruce on my side I am fighting the badlands every day.My belief in the promised land becomes stronger and stronger. I take that leap of faith with laughter en joy.
And feel so privileged to share in his gifts to the world.

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2 thoughts on “Looking back: Where it all started for me …

  1. I can understand you really good – although I have no depression. But there’s for every problem in life a line in a Song of Bruce. And I still find new songs or new lines – at the moment, I discover “no surrender” again – with the line “I’m ready to grow young again” (I’m now 46 and yes, I’m ready to grow young again).
    And I remember my first live Concert in Vienna with him im 1997 – he told some storys, and in one, my life situation at that moment was in there – he helped me to change that.
    He influenced my life in many ways, let me find new and real good friends, with whom I attend concerts, he just is an important part of my life (although I have a very good “real” life), but he is the sugar top :o)

    • Great to hear from you, Gabriele! Everything you say is true in my life also. It only is sad that I discovered hom so late in my life – but I was probably not ready before recent times. Greetings from SA!

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