Why I admire Bruce Springsteen (12) – A man who can deal with loss

Since Bruce and his work became part of my life towards the end of 2009, he has lost quite a few important persons in his life.

Through death, I mean.

Could be he has lost some to life also. As we all sometimes do.

None of these  losses has stopped him in his tracks.

I am sure there were private moments of despair. And maybe still is.

But he made the necessary changes and he went on with his work.

More important – and very, very difficult – he continued to be highly productive and creative.

The way he deals with Clarence’s death in the shows has already touched thousands of hearts.

Acknowledge the pain, pay respect to those who have left. And go on.

Yesterday was the birthday of the second sister I have lost.

I look at pictures of Bruce and Clarence in their youth, and I try to think of the good times.

May everybody who is grieving for somebody manage to do just that.

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