It’s only a glass of water … Or is it?

I am sure quite a lot of fond Aaawww’s escaped from Springsteen fans all around the world when the video clip of Bruce handing the dehydrated lady  the glass of water and the energy drink hit the internet earlier this week.

Ever since I have been wondering about that little incident. Was it really special? Was it not what any decent person would do? Why did none of the band members do it? Was it only because she was right in front of Bruce? Was it because he is the leader and nobody does anything much (but play and enjoy themselves!) without his consent? Did he perhaps feel like fainting himself and was therefore sensitive to the signs in somebody else?

And also – what if next time I happen to be the fainting lady? And he is not near (meaning I will be somewhere in the back of the crowd) to come to my rescue? And yes, I am only half joking.

No, I don’t have any profound purpose with this post. Except to be happy with the rest of his fans that he still seems to be such an utterly nice man.

And to pray that his energy and health can withstand the rigours of the tour. And that Patti will be there to catch him when he falls (not literally, of course, she is much too thin for that!) but figuratively … to be there when the exhaustion sets in and the energy level hits rock bottom.

Because, yes, he is only human. Sometimes I wonder if we always remember that.

PS. Thanks to the unknown artist – wish I could draw like that!

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