Why I admire Bruce Springsteen (11) – A man who can take mistakes in his stride

When Bruce made the mistake to call out the wrong city during the WOAD tour in 2009, I had just recently come on board as a Springsteen fan. At the time I did not think much about it. It was a little mistake of no consequence, wasn’t it?

Of course, in the world of show biz no mistake is a little mistake. Even the smallest slip gets picked up by the media and the social media and spread around the world in no time at all. This is surely enough to scare most people out of ever trying to do anything new, especially in front of an audience.

Now, we all know if you never try something new, you will never make a mistake. But you will hardly ever do something really RIGHT, too. And certainly never do something GREAT.

Surely nobody knows this better than The Boss himself. Through the years he must have done a million scary, new things. And no, not all of them were a success. But lucky for us, he never stopped learning, never stopped yearning for something better, something new.

I loved reading how he made fun of that little mistake during last week’s show in the same town. He could have tried to ignore it. But of course he knew it would be dug out of the archives – so he did it first and used it to his own benefit.

This makes me think of watching in awe on YouTube how he fell down a few times during the WOAD tour. I was probably thinking something along the line that the man must realize his age and start behaving accordingly. What I do remember, is how impressed I was by the way he also made fun of those incidents, too. It was one of the first things about him that intrigued me. To my little mind it still appears like a very humiliating thing to fall down in front of thousands of people (and being recorded on thousands of cell phones, of course).

Since then I have learned that Bruce Springsteen does not believe in behaving like an old man, the same way he does not believe in letting mistakes hold him back in any way.

And it has made my life so much richer.

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