Experiencing the Eagles

My first experience of a rock show in a stadium was something I will not easily forget. Unfortunately this has more to do with the pleasure of spending some time in beautiful Cape Town with my youngest son, being pleasantly surprised with the organization of the public transport (not something that South Africa is great at) to the Cape Town Stadium and generally enjoying a new experience than with the music and performance of the group.

No, absolutely nothing was wrong with the show. The Eagles is a great group and it is wonderful that they are together and at their age performing and touring.  It is also wonderful that more and more world-class popular artists come to my country. I am not ungrateful at all.

The only problem is that I have watched too many DVD’s of Springsteen concerts. Even only seeing him in action on screen has spoiled every other show for me. (Has recently seen Josh Groban and is looking forward to the Moody Blues in May.)  Most artists come on stage, sing their songs, introduce their band, remark how happy they are to be in the specific town, crack a joke or two … and that’s it.

But Bruce Springsteen walks onstage and … No, it is not necessary that I tell you what Bruce Springsteen does. And if you do not know, get yourself to a show. Or at least to the nearest record store or online shop.

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