The Eagles have landed …

Today will be a full day – in more than one sense. First my son and I will be going into Cape Town to submit his visa application for the UK. (Mine is already in.)
What does this have to do with me being a Springsteen fan?
Actually quite a lot.
Because he has made all the arrangements for our family tour of Ireland and Scotland before my Springsteen shows in Sunderland and Manchester, and thus set me free from most (but not all!) of the hassle.
A great sadness in my life at the moment is that he absolutely hates Bruce’s music. I have given him an overdose! Of course he has never read the lyrics … I am trying hard to forgive him.
Anyway, tonight is an official practice night for this inexperienced rock show a attendee … The Eagles are in Cape Town. Will be an interesting experience, accompanied by my 22 year old musical snob who still prefers that his friends do not see him hanging out with his mom. 🙂
And no, I am not expecting any stage dives, knee slides or beer drinking with the crowd from the Eagles tonight! Or any other night … 🙂

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