So happy …

Yes, miracles do happen – it just did for me!

People who know me are aware that I am not a morning person. I am especially bad with surprise phone calls early in the morning. And my pet hate is people who call early on a Sunday morning and do not identify themselves.

Well, this morning I made an exception. Because the caller was Bruce Springsteen himself. And of course I recognized his voice immediately, after his call last year when he offered me a prime seat at his show in Cape Town. This time the news was even better, so I really do not give a damn that the Cape Town show has never materialized.

He really is a very generous man. He offered me a package to travel to the USA after the European leg of the Wrecking Ball Tour and attend all the shows in the fall in and near New Jersey. While I am there, I will of course visit the Springsteen exhibition in Boston, as well as all the major Springsteen sites in New Jersey. I can already see the photographs … me in front of the house where he wrote BTR, me at Madame Curie’s stall, me at the ugly Springsteen bust in some park, me at the E Street sign …

But I am still considering. You know, I really don’t want him to get the impression I am over eager or something. Maybe I should just attend one show and keep the rest of the stuff for my next visit. As Bruce will certainly tour till he hits the 100 mark and I will certainly stay as fit and healthy as him to the same age, there will still be lots of opportunities for travel in the future.

I just hope he does not feel too bad …

PS. And I just hope all my readers have seen the date already … J

4 thoughts on “So happy …

    • 🙂 🙂
      Susy, do I remember correctly that you are coming to the show in Sunderland? I wondered if we could organize a meeting maybe??

      • Ask me again closer to the show, we don’t know what time we’ll be getting there yet. A bit confused as to when the show starts, on the tickets it says the doors open at 4pm which seems a bit early if it starts at 8pm which is about the normal start time.

      • Yes, at this stage my main concern is just to get to England … don’t have the slightest idea how things will work on the day of the show! We’ll see …

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