It’s only a glass of water … Or is it?

I am sure quite a lot of fond Aaawww’s escaped from Springsteen fans all around the world when the video clip of Bruce handing the dehydrated lady  the glass of water and the energy drink hit the internet earlier this week.

Ever since I have been wondering about that little incident. Was it really special? Was it not what any decent person would do? Why did none of the band members do it? Was it only because she was right in front of Bruce? Was it because he is the leader and nobody does anything much (but play and enjoy themselves!) without his consent? Did he perhaps feel like Continue reading

Climate change: Post 3 – Proof of anthropogenic climate change

From guest blogger Schalk Cloete:

Sorry, my researcher instincts demand at least one boring proof-post in this series.

Here goes: The world emits 30 billion tonnes of CO2 yearly, amounting to about 15300 km3 in volume. At roughly 10 km thickness, the atmospheric volume is 5.11 billion km3. Dividing these two numbers reveals that humans raise the CO2 concentration by roughly 2.99 ppm yearly. Actual measured Continue reading

Why I admire Bruce Springsteen (11) – A man who can take mistakes in his stride

When Bruce made the mistake to call out the wrong city during the WOAD tour in 2009, I had just recently come on board as a Springsteen fan. At the time I did not think much about it. It was a little mistake of no consequence, wasn’t it?

Of course, in the world of show biz no mistake is a little mistake. Even the smallest slip gets picked up by the media and the social media and spread around the world in no time at all. This is surely enough to scare most people out of ever trying to do anything new, especially in front of an audience.

Now, we all know if you never try something new, you will never make a mistake. But you will hardly Continue reading

Experiencing the Eagles

My first experience of a rock show in a stadium was something I will not easily forget. Unfortunately this has more to do with the pleasure of spending some time in beautiful Cape Town with my youngest son, being pleasantly surprised with the organization of the public transport (not something that South Africa is great at) to the Cape Town Stadium and Continue reading

Climate change: Post 2 – Denial

What? Human induced global warming can trigger a global cataclysm in our lifetime!? Dude… you smoking something?

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Well, the short video attached is from a highly reputable source and contains some sound science. Notice the number of dislikes and the number of linked videos claiming global warming as a hoax. The cause: the USA – world leaders in per capita pollution and famous for rampant materialism and Continue reading

So happy …

Yes, miracles do happen – it just did for me!

People who know me are aware that I am not a morning person. I am especially bad with surprise phone calls early in the morning. And my pet hate is people who call early on a Sunday morning and do not identify themselves.

Well, this morning I made an exception. Because the caller was Bruce Springsteen himself. And of course I recognized his voice immediately, after his call last year when he offered me a prime seat at his show in Cape Town. This time the news was Continue reading