Letter from a fan

Dear Bruce

I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your small army (as one review called the enlarged ESB) of friends an exceptional Wrecking Ball tour.

May every show be filled with love and hope and redemption – and lots of fun.

May you be able to bear the sorrow and joy of standing on that stage without the Big Man next to you.

May you feel his powerful presence every single night.

May the technical stuff be taken care of by people who know their job and also love you.

May you be able to keep your family together in spite of the hectic program.

May the health and heart of every band member be able to stand the strain of the gruelling schedule.

And Bruce, please, please, please be very, very careful whenever you jump down to the lower part of the stage. Maybe you should appoint somebody to make sure that part of the stage is always nice and dry.

Also, we do not need any more stage diving. (Or really, we do need it, but we are prepared to make some sacrifices.) Yes, we know you can still do it if you want to. And thousands of fans would just love to catch you. But your health is more important to us.

Same goes for any crotch slides. We will survive without them. But not without you.

Bruce, please look after yourself. Eat your veggies, see that you get enough sleep … And LISTEN to our wife!

On behalf of thousands and thousands of fans I also want to thank you for completing the Wrecking Ball album. We know you would have been working at it already when Clarence passed away. It would have been the easiest thing just to let it go. But you did not. We salute you for that.

The same goes for you having the incredible courage to embark on this tour. We can only have a faint idea how hard it must have been to continue with the arrangements after Clarence’s death. But besides that, we know that for a man of your age this is no small undertaking. In fact, for no person this is a small undertaking. Thousands of people expecting the best from you, hundreds (or maybe thousands) of workers in all the different places depending on you. The press looking on, ready to criticize. I could go on and on … We salute you for your courage.

Bruce, you are an example not only to fellow musicians, but to every person who tries to do something creative. An example of always giving everything, of relentlessly searching for new ways of doing things, for your energy, your passion, you commitment, your integrity.

You are also an example to every person growing older. Yes, we know 62 is not really old today. But it still is outstanding for a rich and famous person to continue working so hard as you do at that age. If it is only stubbornness that keeps you going on, we just wish Patti  the strength to deal with you!

Thank you for with this tour giving me the ultimate opportunity to face my own fears and go right through them – and see you at Sunderland! And if I survive, the next night in Manchester.

Lots of love

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