Wrecking ball lyrics: We are alive

At the first listen We are alive seemed to be a rather weird song. Quite gross, to be honest. (If you don’t agree, just read the last verse.) Beautiful lines about tragedy and death set to a jolly little tune which makes you want to dance. Although Bruce  is a genius at setting heartbreaking lyrics to catchy tunes and driving rhythms, this song seems to go too far in that Continue reading

Something new! Climate change: Post 1

First of a series of posts about climate change by guest blogger Schalk Cloete:

Future outlook. A rather vague agreement has been reached at the COP17 climate conference in Durban. A legally binding global deal will be outlined by 2015 and enforced from 2020.

Good news: We at least have a deal.

Bad news: It’s hopelessly inadequate. Inadequate? Yep, these measures are projected to allow3-4 degrees of manmade global warming. As a result, our generation is likely to witness the start of a mass extinction, leaving our grandchildren an inheritance that can only be described as hell on earth.

Think this is Continue reading

Laurel Snyder shares the experience

Do enjoy this wonderful post about seeing Bruce for the first time last night in Atlanta:

I saw Springsteen last night, for the first time. My sister, who’s been  moving heaven and earth to attend his concerts since she was a kid, flew to Atlanta to take me. To be there with me for my first time.  Even so, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Not from Bruce– I never doubted him. But from myself.

To see someone in person, after you’ve loved them for so Continue reading

A fine example!

Here is theSpringsteen  applicable part of a fine discussion of the work of three icons in the music world: Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and (of course!) Bruce Springsteen. It makes some interesing and very valid points about what makes Bruce so special. And why he is such an inspiration for so many people, musicians, fans or anybody trying to do anything creative.

“And then by far the weirdest release of the three: Springsteen’s post-recession bitchslap Wrecking Ball.  I’ve been mildly obsessed with The Boss for years, and spent most of Continue reading

The first time!

OK, OK, I know it was only on video. And it froze every few seconds. But in between he was there. Alive, attractive, passionate, natural, genius. Loud and clear and articulate on the audio stream.
What an amazing experience to really SEE him, really hear him.
I am just a total goner. This man is such an inspiration to anybody trying to do anything creative.
Better days for me, indeed!
Thank you, Boss!

Wrecking ball lyrics – Land of hope and dreams

I have always loved this song since I got to know it on DVD. Only recently have I heard that it specifically references to people coming by train from Central America to the USA to find a better life. Of course I can really relate to that, as South Africa is the host to thousands and thousands of Zimbabwians and also many from the DRC, who hope to find a better life here. Unfortunately most of them are too poor to come by train. They often have to walk, and often through national park areas where lions are one of the many dangers. And tragically few really find a better life here, because my beloved country is too busy struggling with her own overwhelming problems (especially poverty, unemployment, the Continue reading

Wrecking Ball lyrics: Rocky Ground

Rocky Ground is one of the very few songs on Wrecking Ball that I do not really like, and which does not seem to grow on me. It is difficult to say why, as quite a few reviewers see it as one of the best songs on the album. Which shows that a song being good or bad does not always have that much to do with how it touches people.
Maybe it is because personally I am moving away from the old beliefs with which I have grown up. Bruce’s music generally speaks so clearly to me because he usually seems to concentrate on the power of a Continue reading

Wrecking ball lyrics: Swallowed up

This song surprised me in more than one way. Firstly because I have not expected it to turn up on the internet before the official release of Wrecking Ball, as I got the feeling the bonus tracks are not out there yet. As if I have not had more than enough opportunity to realize  the immense power of the virtual community! So there it was, with the beautiful visuals from  Bruce fan Gina Giambone.
Somehow I had the idea it would be a kind of throwaway, being tucked in at the end of the album. (I still do not really understand the concept of bonus or hidden tracks. Would appreciate any insights into the reasoning behind it.) Which was also stupid, as The Way (hidden track on The Promise) is a great favourite of mine. Also, I find the singing on this track absolutely Continue reading