Going on without someone you love

As the news of Bruce’s new arrangements to replace Clarence became known, it was interesting how many fans commented on just how many musicians it takes to fill the void the Big Man has left. (My personal favourite is the comment about the horny E Street Band. 🙂 Seems like it might fit in well with the love-making, booby shaking, Viagra taking, etc. E Street Band.)
But of course Clarence cannot be replaced. (Personally I am glad that Bruce brought in a group of musicians, because I feel it would have been a terrible strain on a single person to have to appear in front of all those thousands of people who will all be thinking of Clarence.) Nobody can be replaced, even if he/she was the humblest of persons known only in a small circle. The utter uniqueness (is there such a word?) of each person is one of life’s great mysteries to me. And one of the hardest things, too, because it is one of the reasons why death is such an incredibly difficult thing to understand and accept. Because when you have lost somebody, there is no way you can find him/her back. The closest you can come, is possibly through that person’s child, but even then there will be great differences.
So, while thinking of just how difficult it must be for Bruce and the ESB to take the Wrecking Ball tour on (and how very brave), I am also thinking tonight of all the people I have lost in my life. And about the finality of death. How we just can’t understand it. About how very difficult it is to accept it.
I hope and pray that Bruce and the Band are making progress in their mourning for Clarence. I hope they find solace in the music. And I hope and pray that anybody who reads here and who is missing some loved one, is also working towards that elusive acceptance. And that they also have some special memory that can serve to ease the pain.

2 thoughts on “Going on without someone you love

  1. very nice post Marile. I read your blog and love your love of all things Bruce, and especially how it has impacted your life. keep writing! it is healing not just for you, but for all. xo

  2. Thank you so much, Betsy! And yes, there seems to be a Springsteen song for every mood or occasion. Regards from SA!

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