Mistakes can be good, too

Many hard-core fans seem to feel that Bruce made a terrible mistake when he left the E Street Band (or rather let it cease to exist) en worked with what has become known as the Other Band. And more than that – I get the idea fans felt deserted at the time and have not really forgiven him.  Of course it is easy for me to say – I was not there! I was living my life oblivious of everything going on on E Street and beyond. Such a loss.
Personally I love both Lucky Town and Human Touch. Sure, it is different from his work with the ESB. But it has its place in the bigger picture. Real World specifically has become one of the most important songs to me.
To me it seems as if that mistake was a very necessary one. Of course it shows Bruce as the kind of artist that just keeps on doing what he feels he must do at a certain point in his career. Surely it must have been very difficult for him to leave his old friends and go on a new way. Maybe it was necessary for his marriage and the family he and Patti were building at that point. It certainly must have been extremely difficult for all of them. But their friendships have survived and each and every one of them went on to make a life for himself, independent from Bruce and  the Band. And when the time came to unite again, surely they could bring a lot of experience with them.
Personally I have spent about ten years of my life in the wrong occupation. Mostly because I thought that was what I should do, and did not really have the courage to pursue what I wanted to do. Now I often regret those years as lost time that can never be regained. But other times I realize that I have learned so much in those years and gathered a lot of experience that I can most certainly use in my writing. My mistake was a very necessary one.

2 thoughts on “Mistakes can be good, too

  1. Thank You! Finally someone who feels the way I do. I love both Human Touch and Lucky Town too and some people just don’t seem to understand it. So thank you for shearing your opinion! (and thank you for shearing your blog at There’s a Springsteen song for that…) 🙂

    • Great to hear there are two of us! 😉 Maybe non-fans liked these two albums better, because as far as I know, they did not do badly at all.

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