Wrecking ball lyrics: You’ve got it

You’ve got it certainly sounds a little out of place on the album at first. But of course, if your mind is open, it grows on you. I am at the moment listening to Tracks, and I think it would have fitted perfectly there. A nice song, nothing wrong with it, but not with the same power as the previous songs on Wrecking Ball. And maybe that is the reason for its inclusion, just to break the tension.
As a writer of romantic novels, I assume the it to be that elusive something that attracts a person to another, that something that you cannot really explain. The quality that makes you fall in love with this person and not the other, although the latter might be Continue reading

Wrecking ball lyrics: The title track

Even though I know nothing about the stadium or about American football, this song has resonated with me from the first time I heard it in 2009. To me it is a defiant shout to all things trying to take away the quality of our lives. It could be all kinds of trouble, but especially old age. And ultimately death.

No, we cannot stop these things. But we can give them a hell of a time while we have breath in our lungs and fire in our hearts. We can look them in the face even if we cannot change them or make them go away. This song is at once sad in that it admits the difficulties in life, but exuberant as well, as it pours out a great love Continue reading

Wrecking ball lyrics: Death to my hometown

One does not have to know anything about history to recognize the scenes painted in this song. I can only marvel at Springsteen’s ability to paint a verbal picture.

I agree with the three-minute review on Blogness where they say it is at once the album’s angriest song and also its most jubilant. Like in most Springsteen songs the shimmer of hope Continue reading

Wrecking ball lyrics: Jack of all trades

This song came as a bit of a surprise after Easy Money and Schackled and drawn,  as it brings a complete change of pace. Which I later realized, fits perfectly into the bigger picture of the album as a whole. Personally I think one of Bruce’s many talents is to fit heartbreaking lyrics to feet-stomping melodies, and in doing so he makes it more accessible for ordinary folks (like me) who are no music pros, but just enjoy a nice, catching melody. Of course then the lyrics creeps up on you and before you know, they have you by the throat.

This song made me cry the very first time I heard it. It seems to be a beautiful pledge of love and commitment, something a groom Continue reading

Wrecking ball lyrics: This depression

This seems to be one of the saddest songs I have ever heard Bruce sing. But also a hopeful (Now the morning sun, the morning sun is breaking) and brave song. Brave because here is somebody in deep anguish, but who knows what he needs. If all of us could consciously reach out for love and connection when we are in trouble (any kind of trouble), the world probably would have been a better place. But instead we are all too inclined to cut ourselves off from the human touch Continue reading

Wrecking ball lyrics: Shackled and drawn

I can see an old workhorse patiently trudging along. Or an old man with a solid work ethic handling a hard life the only way he knows to – by hard, honest work. He has never learned about working smarter instead of harder. And would probably despise the idea. He takes immense pride in his work and probably despises guys with soft hands and desk jobs (the bankers?) But if hard work does not solve all his problems, he is at a lose Continue reading

Wrecking ball lyrics: Easy money

In my head I can see the couple on their way to go out, just like any of us would. See to the pets, put on something nice to wear, prepare for a nice evening out. But of course there is no fun in this song, only heartbreak.

My favourite lines:
There’s nothing to it mister, you won’t hear a sound
When your whole world Continue reading

To listen or not to listen

Although I am only a few years younger than Bruce, this is my first experience of the release of a Springsteen album. And yes, that is really sad … 🙂 I honestly think my life would have been better if I had been on board since the early years. Not that I had a bad life, not at all. But with all this positive energy, all this passion … could have moved mountains! 🙂
So tonight (after a long day without internet access) it’s time to search for the first released song as promised on Backstreets. And of Continue reading

Book: Darkness on the edge

The second book about Springsteen that I read on Kindle, is Darkness on the edge: Tales inspired by the songs of Bruce Springsteen, edited (2008) by Harrison Howe.

The idea to have short stories written on the base of Springsteen songs is of course brilliant. And very logical, seeing that most of his songs are just perfect little short stories with (often) a great beat. And those who do not tell a story, usually paint such a clear picture that Continue reading

Busy Boss!

The two most important (in my opinion) articles about Bruce today:



Going on without someone you love

As the news of Bruce’s new arrangements to replace Clarence became known, it was interesting how many fans commented on just how many musicians it takes to fill the void the Big Man has left. (My personal favourite is the comment about the horny E Street Band. 🙂 Seems like it might fit in well with the love-making, booby shaking, Viagra taking, etc. E Street Band.)
But of course Clarence cannot be replaced. (Personally I am glad that Bruce brought in a group of musicians, because I feel it would have been a terrible strain on a single person to have to appear in front of all those thousands of people who will all be thinking of Clarence.) Nobody can be replaced, even if he/she was the humblest of persons known only in a small circle. The utter Continue reading

Mistakes can be good, too

Many hard-core fans seem to feel that Bruce made a terrible mistake when he left the E Street Band (or rather let it cease to exist) en worked with what has become known as the Other Band. And more than that – I get the idea fans felt deserted at the time and have not really forgiven him.  Of course it is easy for me to say – I was not there! I was living my life oblivious of everything going on on E Street and beyond. Such a loss.
Personally I love both Lucky Town and Human Touch. Sure, it is different from his work with the ESB. But it has its place in the bigger picture. Real World specifically has become one of the most important songs to me.
To me it seems as if that mistake was a very necessary one. Of course it shows Bruce as the kind of artist that just keeps on Continue reading