Still remembering the Big Man

On the day that Clarence would have been 70, I was saying good-bye to the wonderful country of Norway and my son who have lived there for the past three years. I had no-one to share my feelings about Clarence with, as the brothers spent the day watching films on the computer, due to bad weather. I think my memories of Clarence missing this great birthday and myself saying a difficult good-bye will forever be entwined. While I am so very happy with my first two Springsteen shows waiting up in June, I also feel an impending sense of loss because the Big Man will not be in his place. This makes me think of Bruce and the E Streets, too. It must be very difficult for them to go through with this tour. I think every show will be difficult and different, but especially the very first one. During my white Christmas I found myself watching the Blue Christmas video on YouTube whenever I had a moment. As far as I know, it has been the last time that Clarence and Bruce (I am not sure how many band members were there) shared a stage. So sad. But that is life.

Here is the link to a wonderful round-up of the greatest Clarene moments:

The amazing collage of Clarence shots comes from Blogness on the Edge of Town and was compiled by Rocco Covielo. It moved me to see once again how difficult it is to separate Clarence and Bruce. The were simply too close. There is great power in those images of closeness and understanding.

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