When is it time to let go of (part of) a dream?

I was not raised with confidence, but with fear. Of course, today I can totally understand it. My dear mother was married when she was nothing but an innocent teenager to a man 25 years older. I will never know, but I do believe there was some financial compensation in it for her very poor parents. Not a question of hard cash changing hands, but probably an advantage in her family’s quest to acquire their own piece of land.
My father died when I was a preschooler and my only recollection of him is of an old and very sick man. But he must have been totally besotted by Continue reading

Dreams can come true!

Of the many things I have learned from Bruce, the idea of striving for a dream is certainly one of the most prominent. And where is a better place to start than at the dream of seeing him live?
After much thought (and a few tears) I have decided to let the Norway part of the dream go. Painful, but necessary. But today, thanks to a dear friend  (whom I have met exactly once), we got tickets for Sunderland and Manchester! And already I know about one blood Continue reading