Books: Beyond the palace

One of the joys brought by my brand new Kindle (appropriately named Bobby Jean!) is the easier and cheaper access to books about Bruce. Previously I had to order all books from overseas and of course the shipping adds a lot to the cost. But now they are at my fingertips … and the joy of those free samples!
One of the first e-books I bought was Beyond the palace by Sarah Elizabeth Goodman. I found it a very interesting concept to construct a story around a Springsteen tour. It also made me feel less weird to realize once again that out there there are thousands of people for whom Bruce and his music are such a large part of their lives. And I must add that it once again filled me with jealousy to realize how Americans (and apparently many Europeans) have been able to grow up and grow old(er) with Springteen music really as the long term soundtrack to their lives. Apart from these aspects, Beyond the palace is also a very beautiful and quite unusual love story.
Definitely a must for Springsteen lovers!

2 thoughts on “Books: Beyond the palace

    • This is such a nice compliment, because English is my second language and I often feel I cannot really express myself well. Thank you!

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