Feel the fear …

I read somewhere that Max once said “Bruce makes you do things you never thought you could do.” Well, for me this certainly is true.
Firstly, I have never before admired any entertainer (and no, I don’t think this word even begins to describe what Bruce does) so much and made such a study of his work.  I have never Continue reading

Please, please, please … Let it be true this time!

Screaming through the Springsteen community is the following short note from the official Springsteen website: (It was gone and has just come back on again – maybe due to overload??)


Please, please … If it’s true, I might be able to make it to a show … or even a few … Am feeling a bit silly, because long term fans who have seen scores of shows might not understand my feeling of jittery Continue reading

Books: Beyond the palace

One of the joys brought by my brand new Kindle (appropriately named Bobby Jean!) is the easier and cheaper access to books about Bruce. Previously I had to order all books from overseas and of course the shipping adds a lot to the cost. But now they are at my fingertips … and the joy of those free samples!
One of the first e-books I bought was Beyond the palace by Sarah Elizabeth Goodman. I found it a very interesting concept to construct a story around a Springsteen tour. It also made me feel less weird to realize once again that out there there are thousands of people for whom Bruce and his music are such a large part of their lives. And I must add that it Continue reading