The Mighty Max speaks out

Here are two quotes from a lovely conversation with Max Weinberg (the link is at the end of this post:
“When I auditioned for Bruce it was one of the most miraculous moments in my life. I’ve read where people with the Chicago Bulls or the New York Yankees would say how playing with Michael Jordan or Derek Jeter would raise your game, and Bruce is like that. He makes you do things you never thought you could so. So when I played with him that first night, in August of 1974, I found what I was looking for, in so many ways.”


There is no doubt Weinberg takes enormous pride in his contributions to the E Street Band. But the only time the otherwise affable drummer sounded evasive in a nearly hour-long phone interview was when asked if the Springsteen-led band would continue, in the wake of the June death of band saxophonist Clarence Clemons.

“One of the great things is that we stayed together, mostly intact, Of course, we’ve lost two crucial members in the last few years, (keyboardist) Danny (Federici) and Clarence,” Weinberg said.

“But there’s never any definite plans, in terms of what we as a band. There are ‘projects,’ things where one thing leads to another. I’ve used the metaphor before about ‘Brigadoon’ — the great Broadway play and then movie with Gene Kelly — about the mythical Scottish town that appeared every 100 years. That’s like the E Street Band. We’ve suffered a tremendous, tremendous loss with Clarence’s death in June and Danny’s in 2008. But as they say on TV: ‘You just have to stay tuned’.”

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