Humble beginnings …

The link below was the very first thing about Bruce that I posted on my personal blog, about six months before the birth of Better Days (which will celebrate its first birthday on 18 Oct.)  If you do not know it already, do read this beautiful piece about how his music has been touching the lives of so many people.
This post was my first online attempt to connect with fellow fans, because I was so frustrated by being completely alone in my new-found admiration of this man and my exploration of his huge body of work. It only brought me some embarrasment and indignation for being called a groupie by family and friends, which I don’t consider myself to be. (I like to call myself a serious student of his work and will be infinetely thankful for the positive force it has become in my life and in my own work as a writer.) This frustration later lead to the birth of Better Days, which has been a great pleasure to build, both as a way of communicting with other fans, but also as a kind of diary of my exploration of his work.

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