A (wonderful) new addiction

I think I might have acquired a new addiction. Up to now I have managed to keep them quite harmless, even advantageous. (Have killed the love for chocolate … more or less … )
Reading has always been a love of mine. I was a lonely kid who used to read whatever was within my reach whenever I had an empty moment. To this day I still tend to read in social situations which bore me. To the day of her death my mother used to reprimand me for that.
Reading does not make you fat or ugly or unhealthy. It can certainly ruin you financially. But the perks are just so many. A reader has an inner life which I believe other people don’t have. (And of course they do not know what they miss.) Of course my fascination with Bruce’s work fit perfectly in this scenario. But I have found it quite difficult to get my hands on books about him. The only one in my local library is quite an  old book in the In his own words series. This was a wonderful book for me as a new fan, as it brought me straight to his own words, instead of those of others.
And now I have acquired a Kindle. (Aptly named Bobby Jean. And I have ordered a sexy little denim skirt for her …) What a wonderful device! Of course it took me very little time to get into the books about Bruce. Up to now I have only ordered two hard copies from the USA. The shipping is of course very expensive. With one (Bruce Springsteen’s America) I was very disappointed. The other (Bruce Springsteen – The Boss) is a real gem with discussions about every period in his working life up to Devils and Dust and beautiful photographs.
But now I can run wild with no waiting and now shipping fees.  Have already ordered The Gospel according to Bruce Springsteen and Darkness on the edge of town (short stories using the themes in specific songs) and have samples of five others. I feel I am among friends.
Will have to remember I am supposed to have a life, too!

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