Some really lucky kids

Some time ago I came in contact with Bruce fan Helene Carlucci, who mentioned the Springsteen group at Granite Falls Middle School. She has previously visited South Africa and the group has made contact with a school in Cape Town. This brought me in contact with Mike Telesca from Granite Falls and added another interesting layer to my experiences as a relatively new Springsteen fan. Mike requested me to write something for their message board and a few weeks later I received a wonderful sound clip of the radio broadcast the kids made about it. I include wat I wrote below:

It was amazing to read about that club! To the kids lucky enough to grow up with Bruce Springsteen’s music, from a lady a few Continue reading

Halloween with Groove it all night

Message from Julian concerning his program this coming Wednesday: I am planning on playing some songs that deal with death, devils, etc. So plan on hearing Last To Die, Devils & Dust and Spirit In the Night. But also, I was doing some random searches on Youtube and came up with this idea too: Play clips of Bruce saying strange things, since Halloween is all about strange and weird happenings.
So,… songs with scary lyrics/titles and live songs that include Bruce saying weird Continue reading

The Mighty Max speaks out

Here are two quotes from a lovely conversation with Max Weinberg (the link is at the end of this post:
“When I auditioned for Bruce it was one of the most miraculous moments in my life. I’ve read where people with the Chicago Bulls or the New York Yankees would say how playing with Michael Jordan or Derek Jeter would raise your game, and Bruce is like that. He makes you do things you never thought Continue reading

Humble beginnings …

The link below was the very first thing about Bruce that I posted on my personal blog, about six months before the birth of Better Days (which will celebrate its first birthday on 18 Oct.)  If you do not know it already, do read this beautiful piece about how his music has been touching the lives of so many people.
This post was my first online attempt to connect with fellow fans, because I was so frustrated by Continue reading

A (wonderful) new addiction

I think I might have acquired a new addiction. Up to now I have managed to keep them quite harmless, even advantageous. (Have killed the love for chocolate … more or less … )
Reading has always been a love of mine. I was a lonely kid who used to read whatever was within my reach whenever I had an empty moment. To this day I still tend to read in social situations which bore me. To the day of her death my mother used to Continue reading

Bad news!

But how do we know what to believe??? Nowadays just about anybody can post anything on the internet … Will we know when it’s the real thing?
Anyway, Blogness on the edge of town reports that the rumour about a new Springsteen album called Arcade at night was started as a prank.
Personally I thought it was too early for Bruce to have a new song about Clarence written and recorded, although the title was just perfect – Larger than life. Certainly this guy knows his Springsteen. And apparently his prank has turned on him. Hope it teaches Continue reading