The wonder of technology

In my beloved and troubled country the term previously disatvantaged is used to describe the segment of the population who had missed opportunities for education because of apartheid. In my mind I have added another meaning, namely the sad state of people like myself, who were born too early to grow up on technology and seemingly to absorb every new thing with the utmost ease, as kids nowadays seem to do.
It has become a question of pride to learn and to use the internet and all it’s wonders to the best of my ability and to the advantage of my career as author of romantic fiction. The whole world of Springsteen which opened up on the internet for me is a wonderful bunus and has really added value to my spare time. The good luck to stumble upon  the Arcade at night rumour really early, was a small thrill in a week which had it’s challenges in other aspects of my life.
So I will battle on courageously and try to ignore the smirks of younger people (and my two sons) when I ask stupid questions of forget something quite simple (in their eyes). The fruits of my labour is more that worth the frustration and feeling of never being able to REALLY be on top of things.
And yes, I know the boys are actually quite proud of me, because many women of my age (especially those who have not been in the labour market for some time) have not aquired any computer skills. Of course  that is very bad for the self-confidence and has some negative spin-offs in their lives.
In case you are wondering … I’m not 80 … Yet. 🙂

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