I believe in the hope … :)

I’ve never been one for spreading rumours and getting people’s hopes risen unnecessarily about anything before. But that was before I became a Springsteen fan. Now I find myself eagerly looking for hints about Bruce’s future plans, just like thousands of fans are apparently doing the world over. The fans are really getting desperate, that is quite clear. I can among other things see that by the 283 hits my blog post about the newest rumour has had in less than 12 hours. So, just to make it clear: I got it from the group The promised land from facebook and unfortunately I have no idea if it is true.  But it still brought considerable joy to me!
Maybe it is a sign of the loyalty of his fans that even the slightest rumour about a new venture can bring so much pleasure to so many people. Personally I have already had quite some fun trying to imagine if it’s really true, what the new songs would be like, which current and former E Street band members participated in the production and of course, especially wondering about the song to honourClarence.
So, let’s keep on hoping! And isn’t technology quite amazing?

One thought on “I believe in the hope … :)

  1. Thanks for providing this information to me last night. Right or wrong – and let’s hope it’s right – this kind of information coming in really enhances my show. I appreciate you keeping me in mind, especially at such an early hour for you.
    If I may, please let me promote my show here. It’s two hours of Bruce music every other Wednesday at 9 p.m. Eastern. The link is http://www.homegrownradionj.org. My name is Julian Garcia and I am the host. Please feel free to e-mail any requests or ideas to sajulgar@optonline.net
    Thank you, and let’s hope for a new album soon!

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