A difficult birthday

As Bruce’s birthday is drawing near and the ever-present rumours about a tour and/or an album keep coming in, I seem to be the only one seriously worrying over the man.
Fact is, he is in mourning. Clarence was nearer than a brother to him. He lost somebody (and quite unexpectedly) who has been part of his life for nearly forty years. As has been written a thousand times or more, Clarece was his perfect foil on stage, just always, always there. It must be frightening even to think about going on stage with the ESB, without Clarence at his right. This type of grief is not handled in a month or two. In my experience, at least a year is necessary to even begin to get over something like this.
So my prayer for this birthday is only that he may be  surrounded by love and that he will find the strength to consentrate on the positive memories. And that sometime, someday, he will be able to write about it.
Not because the fans are frantic for new material, a tour, an album, anything. (Me, too!) But just because we respect and love him so much.


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