Discovering The Hawk

My most recent delightful discovery in the Springsteen community is 105.7 The Hawk at
Here the Bruce Brunch falls in the time slot usually reserved for a Sunday afternoon nap. Well, today there was no sleep. It was a privilege to have as my first show the special three hour editon in remembrance of 9/11. The wonderful selection of Springsteen music was a delight on its own, but the programme also really made me see the enormous healing power of music. And the courage Bruce had to produce a whole album (The Rising) about such a terrible thing so soon after it happened.
Sundays will not be the same again.


One thought on “Discovering The Hawk

  1. For better or for worse Id argue the former Bruce Springsteen and his music will forever be inexorably linked to the aftermath of the horrific attacks of Sept. I dont know about anybody else but that was the moment when I first felt a glimmer of hope hope that our country would get through this that it was really possible to rise up beyond the senselessness of that tragic day..Of course a year later Springsteen released The Rising which still stands as the most ambitious and heartfelt attempt of popular music to address the myriad issue and emotions of that day loss anger guilt revenge heroism cultural understanding rebirth theyre all there woven through the lyrics of some of Springsteens finest songs. But I cant think of a better way to try to recapture that feeling and to honor those lost and to think of the fragility of life and the cost of hate and importance of heroes than to put on The Rising and reflect.. Springsteen 9 11 anniversary link roundup .

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