Ten years after the horror

After a wonderful week in nature, out of reach of cell phones or internet (thank heavens for my MP3 player!), I came back to the stark reality of what happened ten years ago and still feels impossible to believe (never mind understand). In 2001 I was struggling with life in general and depression specifically, so I protected myself by trying to avoid most news about what happened. But of course that was impossible. Today I remember three specific articles I read in the aftermath of 9/11. Each of them carried so much of the goodness that can come out of evil, that I was lifted up by reading them.
Avoiding details about the immense human suffering, as an animal lover I let myself read a local article about the search dogs working the site for survivors, and how they became depressed when they could not find anyone. Of course very logic, because dogs work for the praise of their masters, and when they could not find anybody, they could not be praised. But it still touched me deeply, saying something about the profound sadness of the events.
The second was an article in Readers’ Digest about the many heroic rescues by ordinary people and firemen, the positive stories (truths!) of courage and love shown in unexpected circumstances.
The third was the widow of one of the passengers on the plane that was crashed before it reached its destination, telling the story of how they were in contact with him for a long time before the crash.  I also remember how impressed I was with how she received some personal things of him afterwards, after everything was retrieved from the site. That kind of organization you would not find easily in my country.
I can only salute everybody who made something positive out of the terror. Among whom there is of course also Bruce Springsteen. And yes, I am listening to The Rising at the moment, specifically Into the fire. May your strength give us strength, may your faith give us faith, may your hope give us hope, may  your love give us love …

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