I believe in the hope … :)

I’ve never been one for spreading rumours and getting people’s hopes risen unnecessarily about anything before. But that was before I became a Springsteen fan. Now I find myself eagerly looking for hints about Bruce’s future plans, just like thousands of fans are apparently doing the world over. The fans are really getting desperate, that is quite clear. I can among other things see that by the 283 hits my blog post about the newest rumour has had in less than 12 hours. So, just to make it clear: I got it from the group The promised land from facebook and unfortunately I have no idea if it is true.  But it still brought Continue reading

Arcade at night?

Found this with pure luck on a facebook group:
Bruce Springsteen’s new album ‘Arcade At Night’ has been set for November 8 release on Columbia Records. ‘Arcade At Night’ was recorded with current and former members of the E Street Band including Steven Van Zandt, David Sancious and …Roy Bittan. ‘Arcade At Night’ features twelve new Springsteen compositions …plus one bonus track written in memory of Saxophonist, Clarence Clemons, who was lost from complications of a stroke in June 2010. It is the first collaboration between Springsteen and Ron Aniello, who produced and mixed the album.
Arcade At Night’ is Bruce Springsteen’s twenty-fifth Continue reading

Waiting … waiting …

Not for a sunny day (we have more than enough of them here in Africa!), but for a tour annoucement. This is while I have serious doubts about the wisdom to embark on a typical tour at this stage. Or ever again. But Bruce is the Boss – and I hope he overrules me completely and is busy organizing a European/UK/Scandinavian tour for next summer.  This will give me at the ripe old age of 55 the opportunity to attend my first show. If the family plans work out … Best of all, I have discovered a SA fan who will be an excellent companion – no need to drag one of my non-fan family members with me!
I am a caring person who worries about Bruce hurting himself or somebody’s health giving in and of course about their Continue reading

Fight depression – and win (4): Understanding depression

This link can change your life forever. It can be the start to discovering there are certain, definitive things you can DO to conquer depression. Yes, we are not hopeless victims anymore – we can take charge and fight this beast! In Springsteen language: You can take the first steps out of the badlands of depression into the Continue reading

An amazing tribute!

Bruce: From Thunder Road to 62 by Ron Wells

On Sept. 23, 1949 there was a darkness all over the land, a darkness rising from the desert floor, and a deathly darkness on the edge of town. There was blackness and sorrow, a sky of longing and emptiness. The poets weren’t writing nothin’ at all, they just stood back and let it all be. Everyone hid on the backstreets, even the river was dry, containing nothing but memory and shadow. In one town , a man was taking a knife to cut the pain from his heart. So many were bruised and battered, it was like a living hell of devils and dust. There was just a meanness in this world, and a father sighed, “Sorry son it’s Continue reading

Happy birthday, dearest Boss!

Dear Mr Springsteen

I hope that this birthday will be a special one, and not merely a sad one.
I hope you are surrounded by your loved ones and that there will be love and laughter around you.
I hope you will continue to experience good health in the coming year.
I hope you are making progress in dealing with the loss of Clarence and not trying to ignore the grief.
I hope you will soon find the energy and inspiration to write about what Clarence was to you.
I wish you inspiration and strength for the decisions you will have to make about the future.
I hope that you will never stop Continue reading

A difficult birthday

As Bruce’s birthday is drawing near and the ever-present rumours about a tour and/or an album keep coming in, I seem to be the only one seriously worrying over the man.
Fact is, he is in mourning. Clarence was nearer than a brother to him. He lost somebody (and quite unexpectedly) who has been part of his life for nearly forty years. As has been written a thousand times or more, Clarece was his perfect foil on stage, just Continue reading

Discovering The Hawk

My most recent delightful discovery in the Springsteen community is 105.7 The Hawk at http://www.1057thehawk.com/
Here the Bruce Brunch falls in the time slot usually reserved for a Sunday afternoon nap. Well, today there was no sleep. It was a privilege to have as my first show the special three hour editon in remembrance of 9/11. The wonderful selection of Springsteen music was a delight on its own, but the programme also really made me see the enormous healing power of music. And the courage Bruce had to produce a whole album (The Rising) about such a terrible thing so Continue reading

Ten years after the horror

After a wonderful week in nature, out of reach of cell phones or internet (thank heavens for my MP3 player!), I came back to the stark reality of what happened ten years ago and still feels impossible to believe (never mind understand). In 2001 I was struggling with life in general and depression specifically, so I protected myself by trying to avoid most news about what happened. But of course that was impossible. Today I remember three specific articles I read in the aftermath of 9/11. Each of them carried so much of the goodness that can come out of evil, that I was lifted up Continue reading