Fight depression – and win (3): Teenage depression

Things from this article that caught my attention, are (among others) the following:
1. Teenage depression is escalating.
2. The same goes for teenage suicide.
3. Depressed teens feel they are not beautiful, rich or famous enough.
4. This happens because their self-esteem is strongly influenced by the image of the ideal life portrayed by the media.
5. Teens don’t have the insight to that know what you are and what you do are more important than what you own, etc.
6. These things are enhanced by changes in our society, where things like companionship, healthy goals, responsibility, connection to others and meaning are not automatically met.
7. Antidepressants are prescribed to teens at a great scale, while most research have been done on adults.
8. The development of the brain is not completed before the age of twenty and this is not taken into account with the prespription of antidepressants to teenagers.
These facts are quite upsetting, until you realize that this means you can help your teen to prevent becoming depressed, by forming a more realistic self-concept and comparing himself to worthy role-models. And that you can watch yourself, too!
Here is the link for the full article – a quick and easy read:

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